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Tips to Clean and Prep Your House for Winter

The heck with spring cleaning. 

Our national obsession should be winter cleaning.

Why? We’re about to shut ourselves inside for months with all the dirt and grime our houses have gathered during those hot, dusty, open-window days of summer and fall. We’ll be living with indoor air quality that the EPA estimates could be five times more polluted than outdoor air.

But you can breathe easy — we’ve made up a checklist of must-do cleaning jobs that’ll get the dust out, spruce up your interiors for the coming holidays, and make those wintry days healthier — and safer — for you and your family.


11 Shocking Home Electrical Safety Tips

PM contributor Pat Porzio is a mechanical engineer, an electrical contractor and a master plumber, so when his Blackberry's "Aqualung" ringtone sounds, the call could be about any kind of mechanical problem. Still, he was surprised when he answered the call on Dec. 29th. It was his wife, and there was this urgent tone in her voice. Her brother's house was on fire, she said--apparently a switch on an electrical baseboard heater had blown apart.


Money-Saving Tips - Indoor Air Quality

  • Wetness equals warmth: homes become dried-out in the wintertime. During cold weather, increased use of your heater causes the home and its interior air to become dryer than usual. A humidifier can help add needed moisture to your home during the wintertime.
  • Humidifiers can also improve health issues like dry sinuses, while saving energy. Since moist air holds heat, you may feel more comfortable and lower your normal heat setting due to the increased comfort.


Money-Saving Tips - Heating

  • One of the easiest heating tips: on sunny days, take advantage of the sun to bring in heat. Adjust blinds so they are open and tilted toward the ceiling—but be sure to close the blinds at sundown.
  • Set your ceiling fan in the reverse position, on low. When radiant heat enters your home from the windows aimed upward, the fan will help circulate warm air all around the room.


Money-Saving Tips - Air Conditioning

  • Don’t allow the interior of your home to become uncomfortably hot because the air conditioner cannot cool it down within a reasonable amount of time. Air conditioners are designed for about a 20° change in temperature, so 100° air would only be cooled to about 80°.
  • One of the simplest air conditioner tips is to change your air conditioner filter at least four times a year to ensure that your family is breathing cleaner air and your HVAC system is not being overworked. It could save energy and money!


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